BnB Planner 2.0
Bed and Breakfast Planner Reservation Calendar

bnb planning software

BnB Planner is a reservation system, hotel calendar, apartment management, room management. Available for Android and Apple devices. Room Plan will allow you to leave the planning manual of your business and tourism and have always and everywhere, with maximum security, the situation of your reservations.

apartment manager It 'customizable as it manages the number and name of the rooms, the type, the service provided, the source host, the trade channel from which the reservation, the ability to automatically send an email to the host.

apartment management Backup your reservations. It’s safe, your data can be in your device but also in our cloud.

room management It’s social as it is possible to share data with reservation of any employees or partners.

reservation systemIt 's your sales manager as you can see in real time the progress of your business.. Thanks to the statistics provided you’ll be able to plan and focus your business.


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