property management system

1) Faster! 3 times faster on scrolling.

2) Backup Sync! Use with your partner? Now when you save a new backup, your partner will be notified and sync with you.

To reduce battery consumption this feature is only available when:

  • Open the APP.
  • Resume the APP from the background.
  • Everytime you come back to the calendar from others menu.

Only for Full users (paid version).

3) Add contacts! From reservations to Contacts List.

You can search every your customer inside your contact list APP looking for the keyword: "Room Plan".

Android user need to read this explanation.

  • Let's head into the Contacts application.
  • Click the Menu button and select Display Options.
    BnB management
  • Then you'll need to select your eamil account and click the checkbox to show All Contacts.
    property management system
  • Then once you click the Done button you'll be taken back to the Contacts application and you will finally get to see the contact you saved.
    reservation system

4) More STATS! To know where it'is better to invest your money.

  • Incoming stats
  • Provenances
  • Sites
  • Services
  • Room Types
  • Rooms

5) Customer direct contact! Send the report directly to your email's customer and keep in touch. Now you can track your email.

Before when you insert inside the reservation a customer email and you save it you could send immediately a mail to your customer.
But the sender was toolplanning system not you. You could not change the email content and you did not have a copy of the message in your sent box.
Now you can send mail inside Apple Mail (iOS) Gmail (Android) so you are the sender of the message, you can change the content of the mail and you will find it in your sent box.

6) No data loss! Free Users, to not lose your data after bought the full version.

Lite user if you buy a full version you will keep all your data.

7) Improved Usability! Double TAP to insert a reservation, one TAP only for move it.

Before everytime you scrolled on the calendar sometimes appeared context menu, was really annoying! Now using single tap for scrolling and double tap for reservation menu that problem is gone and the app is faster.

8) Improved Backup Details! Display saved and restored Backup datetime.

9) Better Assistence! Contact us directly. You do not need anymore to exit from the APP.

10) Wishlist! Add your idea to improve it.


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